The Bigger Purpose

Being a purpose-driven startup with a team of young

enthusiasts, our goals directly bind with the development of Youth and Skill in the

World to enhance the overall productivity and quality of the successive generations on this Earth.

Our Goals

Our goal

World’s Biggest Student Ecosystem

Imagine a space where every single student from all over the world is present. Now, imagine the possibilities of things that can be done there. We may not be able to imagine them all, but we can imagine the potential it will have to transform the World for the better.

Foster aims to build a Global Ecosystem of students to facilitate mass engagement for improved peer-to-peer learning, a sense of healthy competition, and better awareness of their professional aspirations.

Our goal

Democratizing Opportunities

Opportunity is a vague word to describe. For us, any form of interaction between two or more stakeholders that creates value to them is an opportunity.

Through an extensive network of Companies and Educational Institutions, Foster aspires to make every possible opportunity in the World, readily available to the ones looking for it, in a time and cost effective way.

Our goal

Industry-Academia Connect

The rate of growth of corporate ecosystem and industries is much higher than the growth of educational advancements, causing a huge gap between the two.

Foster allows Companies and Educational Institutions to work closely and collaborate through multiple fronts, designed in a way that can help them leverage each other’s strengths and to build Industry ready skill force.

Under the Leadership of

smartSense Consulting Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We are an 8 year old IT startup, into both Services and inhouse Product Development. We are focussed on latest technologies such as Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Science and how to implement the same for the betterment of society. We have worked with clients from all over the globe (Europe, United States, Asia-Pacific, and so on) for their product development.

We have worked in multiple domains like HR Tech, Electric mobility, On-demand delivery, real estate, telecommunication, job portals, manufacturing, and more.

We proudly apprise of the ethical values and fair means of practices that we hold in our team mates and our processes to seek, create and thrive at opportunities to develop what people may have never thought of before and will not think of anything else after using it.

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